Putting the SUEEZE on the high cost of kid’s activities!

Are you blown away with how expensive your kids sports and activities are?
Are your children limited to what they can participate in because of the high costs?
Ashcroft wants to help!

Sign out a lemonade stand for a weekend and help cut the costs of your children’s activities and sports!
We have 6 lemonade stands!!

Date Available: June 2nd – August 18th

Here’s how:

Sign up at one of our Showhomes or our main office to book your weekend of choice.

1 lemonade stand per weekend per family

Supplies must be picked up at our main office downtown during the week before the weekend you have chosen. We would like to take a picture of you and your child beforehand to post on our social media.
(All you need to provide is water and ice)

Lemonade stand will be dropped off at your home Friday evening and picked up on Monday

Main Office: 102 12 St S
Copperwood: The London 1497 Coalbanks Blvd
Garry Station: The Kaylyn 668 Aquitania Blvd
Country Meadows:The Emmett & Royce 406 Bluebell Lane
Coaldale: The Cohen 175 Westgate Drive – Westgate Landing

(403) 524-3242